Friday, January 28, 2011

Bread pizza

     One of the biggest problem I face and most mothers face is...what to pack in kids lunch boxes.Well I make this very often for my kids lunch box and they love it.Bread pizza is something they love even when it is cold and top them with vegetables and we are glad too.Try this recipe.I like to make it with multigrain bread , so more fiber and great taste.
Multi grain slices of bread            6-7 nos
tomato sauce                              1 cup
chopped broccoli                       1 cup
chopped onions                          1 no
chopped bell peppers                 1/2 no
chopped olives                           for topping
grated pizza cheese                    as required
pizza spices                               1 tsp
salt to sprinkle
butter to spread on bread
Butter the slices of bread.Spread the tomato sauce evenly.sprinkle the grated cheese liberally on the sauce.Arrang broccoli and other vegetables of choice (mushroom,corn,zucchini,spinach etc).sprinkle salt and pizza spices.Put the oilves and put them for baking in a pre-heated oven at 200deg C for 8-10 mins till the cheese browns and the bread is crispy.Pack them in foil and let your child enjoy the lovely lunch at school.


  1. It is yummy. Tried it. Great for Bachelors and students like me.

  2. Hey thanks,That was nice to hear.Hope you enjoy more from my blog.