Monday, January 3, 2011


    Germany is doing good for me in the sense I am trying new recipes each day with ingredients easily available in supermarkets.In India it is now getting easier to get all the ingredients but sometimes they are too expensive and sometimes available to far away or maybe all the ingredients are not available.So I was sometimes making pasta sauces at home which I don't need to here and so can try better recipes.My family is excited about me trying out new recipes.This week I had picked up potato bread ready made flour from the supermarket to try out something with it.I thought I would end up making pizza but then decided to make calzone.It is a very close to pizzas, only they are folded over with a nice stuffing and then baked.I sometimes top them with cheese and bake them too or just top up with some herb butter after they are baked.They are delicious.
Flour(ready made dry flour with active yeast)     500gms
olive oil                                                              2 tbsp
warm water                                                        325ml
Flour                                                                 450 gms
dry yeast                                                            1 tbsp
sugar                                                                   1 tsp
warm water                                                          250 ml
salt                                                                       1 tsp
olive oil                                                                2 tbsp
For the stuffing
Broccoli  sliced                                                250 gms
sliced mushrooms                                             100gms
sliced onions                                                   1 no
sliced bell peppers                                           1 no
olives                                                               8-9 nos
chopped garlic                                                  1 tbsp
tomato puree                                                     200 ml
chopped tomato                                                1 no
Italian herbs                                                       1/2 tsp
chilli flakes                                                         1/2 tsp
salt to taste
olive oil                                                               1 tbsp
grated cheese                                                       100 gms

If you are using the ready mix,just use warm water , knead well, add oil and knead and keep to rise for 1 hour for the dough to rise to double.
If using dry yeast,soak yeast in luke warm water with sugar and keep aside for it to bubble up.Make a well in the flour mixed with salt.Add the yeast mixture and add more warm water to knead into a soft dough.Put the olive oil and knead well.make into a pliable ball and keep in a warm place covered to double up.This should happen in 1 hour.
Now the stuffing.Heat oil in a pan and add chilli flakes.Add the garlic and saute.Toss in onions and saute.Put in the vegetables and cook on high heat.Sprinkle the herbs and salt.Mix well.Pour in the tomato sauce and cook till the vegetable is in thick gravy.
Divide the dough into 4 portions and roll into a balls.Roll with the help of some flour into a circle.Put some mixture on one side of the circle.Top with cheese and fold over into half.Press the sides to seal well.Brush with oil and put into a pre-heated oven at 200 deg for about 15 mins or till golden brown.Remove from oven and brush with butter and serve them hot.they work very well for snacks, for kids' lunch box or for travel. can also use left over baked vegetables or bakes as a filling.Works well and a good way to recycle  left overs from a parties or previous night dinner.

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