Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Beet root and spring onion soup

     Beet root is a vegetable which is delicious and very very nutritious.It is high on iron and is very good to raise the good cholesterol and lowers the bad one.It has many other goodness and should be used regularly in the diet.But getting the kids to eat it and its a challenge.So here is one good recipe.Tastes super and is over in no time. It resembles tomato soup and kids would never know!!
Chopped beetroots             2 nos
chopped tomatoes               3 nos
chopped onions                   1 no
chopped spring onions         1/2 cup
garlic                                   1 tbsp
bay leaf                               1 no
black peppercorns              5-6 nos
oregano crushed                1/2 tsp
sugar                                  1/2 tsp
salt to taste
lime juice                            1 tsp
olive oil                              1 tbsp
butter                                 1 tbsp
cream(optional)                  2 tbsp
     Heat oil and butter.Add the chopped bay leaf,pepper corns and garlic and saute.Now put in chopped onions and cook till transparent.Put in the beet root and saute.Once a bit colored, add the chopped tomatoes and mix well.Put the salt and some water and cover to cook till the beet root is soft.Blend well till smooth (remove the bay leaf).Crush the oregano and add to the soup.Put sugar and water to adjust consistency.Boil again and add the chopped spring onions.Now pour in cream and lime juice and cook for about 2 mins.Pour in soup plates and garnish with spring onions and a swirl of cream.Serve with soup sticks and buttered warm bread.

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