Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sweet potato shepherd's pie

     Sweet Potatoes looked interesting in the super market and I decided to try them out.This morning when I cut this big tuber,I broke into a smile looking at the beautiful orange colour just like the morning sun.I was wondering what to make of it and then decided to make the shepherd's pie.This tuber has amazing health benefits. It is good for diabetes,arthritis, inflammation and many other issues.It is high in beta carotene which is great for eyes.Its taste is wonderful in pies,desserts,bakes,roasting and even just boiled with some seasoning.I have decided to make it more usable in my diet and get maximum health benefits from this lovely tuber.
     This afternoon for dinner I made this lovely pie with sprouts and it was relished with whole wheat toasts.The texture was lovely very smooth and I made it a bit sweet and sour to compliment this slightly sweet vegetable.
Sweet potato                        about 700 gms
cream/milk                           50 ml
butter                                   1 tbsp

mixed sprouts                       2 cups
broccoli                                1 cup
sliced carrots                        1 no
chopped red bell pepper       1 no
chopped onions                    1 no
chopped garlic                      1 no
chopped tomatoes                 400 gms
tomato paste                          2 tbsp
hot and sweet tomato sauce    3 tbsp
chilli flakes                              1/2 tsp
mixed herbs                             1 tsp
pepper                                    1/2 tsp
salt to taste
olive oil                                   1 tbsp
grated cheese for the top

Peel,boil and mash the sweet potato.Add milk/cream ,butter and a bit of salt and keep aside.
Heat oil and add chopped garlic and chopped onions and saute well.Put in sliced carrots and cook.Put in broccoli and bell peppers and cook on high heat.Now put in the steamed sprouts (sprouts of green lentil,brown lentil etc) and saute well.Put in tomatoes, tomato paste,hot and sweet sauce,herbs,chilli flakes, pepper and cook on high heat to reduce water.Add salt and reduce.Put this mixture in a baking dish about 10"x10".Top this with the puree of sweet potatoes and sprinkle cheese liberally.bake this at a pre-heated oven at about 200 degC for 25-30 mins, till water bubbles stop and the cheese melts to golden brown.Serve with toasts or warmed pita bread.

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