Thursday, January 20, 2011

Summer pudding

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   Summer pudding sounds like such a lovely pudding and I tried to make in India with fruits locally available there.I used oranges, pineapple,grapes and pears.the result was good.But the dark red colour was something so luscious to look at and since most berries were not available back there, it was a dream to make it again.My husband had got a bag of frozen mixed berries and since they are really sour I tried using them in different ways.Last week was my daughter's birthday.I had left over chocolate sponge sheet lying in the fridge.I thought of making a summer pudding with it.Normally white bread is used in the recipe but I thought of using the chocolate sponge.Result was good and am planning to make it again soon.
Chocolate sponge 10"x8"           1 no
Frozen mixed berries                  250 gms
sugar                                          50 gms(more if berries are too sour)
whipped cream                           50 ml
scraped chocolate flakes for topping
Line a glass bowl with the chocolate sponge such that it covers it completely.In a saucepan,heat the berries with 1/2 a cup of water.Add the sugar and boil well.Pour it into the bowl and use some cake to cover the top of the berries.Press with a plate which fits in the bowl well.Press hard and keep a weight on it.Keep to cool and later refrigerate.After a couple of hours,keep a plate on the bowl and gently turn it up side down and unmould.The pudding should fall like a big mound.Top with fresh cream and sprinkle chocolate flakes and serve chilled."Delicious" is the word for it.Enjoy.

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