Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gajar ka halwa (carrot sweet)

  One of the most famous desserts made in the North of India is undoubtedly Gajar ka halwa.Every house hold is busy making it in kgs and storing in the fridge every  winter the moment red luscious carrots storm the vegetable market.This dessert can be made very nutritious and is great for eyes as it is full of beta carotene.As a kid my mother would make it and the smell would be all over the home.I sometimes just love it half cooked with sugar sprinkled on it.It is great for eyes she would tell me and I would gobble it all up.I make it more healthy as it is made normally very rich with loads of "ghee" and dry fruits.I try and cut it down.
Grated carrots                1 kg
whole milk                      1 lt
sugar                              150 gms(adjust to taste)
ghee/cream                     2 tbsp/50 ml
cardamom powder          1 tsp
chopped nuts(almonds,walnuts) according to your like
Put the grated carrots in a thick pan with milk and boil till it reduces.make sure to keep stirring so that it does not get burnt.It should reduce completely and cooked till all the milk is dry.Add ghee/cream and cook again.Add the sugar and keep cooking till its a bit dry.Add the nuts and raisins and switch off.It tastes really good when warm.Serve with vanilla ice cream as another option.

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