Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Chilli peanut chutney/dip

   We are very fond of spicy food .This afternoon my taste buds wanted something tangy to add to my Indian meal of rice,lentils and vegetables.So looked in and found the green chillis of 2 types,one long not so spicy and the other nice and sharp.So got some things together and came with this lovely stuff to eat with my meals as well as a spread and with chips too.This is lovely spicy,tangy and has a lot of texture with peanuts.
Long green chillies(mild)          8 nos
small sharp chillies                   8 nos
garlic peeled                            1 pod
roasted peanuts                       1/4 tbsp
sliced onions                            1 no
yellow mustard seeds               1 tbsp
olive oil                                    1/4 cup
salt to taste
lemon juice                             of  2 lemons
Heat oil and put all the ingredients and saute till all the ingredients discolor slightly and onions are translucent.Add the lime juice and grind to a rough paste.Store in a bottle.Keeps for over a week.serve as a spicy, tangy accompaniment.

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