Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Baked masala Mathris/ baked spicey Crackers

My family loves mathris but the thought of frying puts me off. The calories, , heat and then the heaviness of having one too many is too much. So have learnt to bake them. Easy , simple and less pain. Now that is what cooking should be.

Whole wheat flour                        2 cup
Crushed rolled oats                       1 cup
Crushed peanuts,sesame, fax seeds     1 tbsp each
Curd                               150 ml
finely chopped spring onions      3 nos
garlic powder                              1 tsp
Oil                                              1/4 cup
Chilli flakes                                 1/2 tsp
Ajwain                                        1 tsp
baking powder                            1 tsp
Grated cheese( optional)              1/4 cup

Knead all the things well and keep aside for an hour.
Roll into mathris or shapes of your choice.
Bake at 180 degrees till golden brown.

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