Thursday, June 20, 2013


India is known for its delicious variety in sweets and mithais. Milk is an integral part of most of them and kalakand is one such mithai which is made of milk. Its one of my favorites and I often wondered how I could make it at home as I am very happy cooking various things at home. Here is the recipe I tried which has been adapted from manjula's Kitchen and a facebook page....Ghar ka khana. I made fe changes and the result is absolutely amazing.

My crazy side packed it up with the filmy touch.

Milk                        1.5 kgs
Evaporated milk      300 ml
Vinegar                   1 tsp
Sugar                      100 gms or adjust to taste
Cardamom crushed 1/4 tsp
sliced pistachios and almonds   to sprinkle

Boil the milk and keep about 100 ml aside.
Add vinegar to the rest of the milk and let it split. Drain in cheese cloth.
Wash well so that the sourness reduces.
Crush it.
Boil the evaporated milk and crushed cheese and milk and it shall come together and thicken.
Cook till its thick.
Add sugar and cook till it leaves the sides of the pan.
Pour in a greased tray and leave to set.
Sprinkle the nuts and cardamom on the top and keep for a couple of your hours.
Cut into squares. 

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