Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shepherd's Pie

Being a vegetarian from birth,there were lot of things we would not try eating.So we felt left out sometimes.But as I grew I  realized that I need not miss out on some foods,vegetarian food has so much to offer and slowly I started to use these to create some foods which tasted great and were good options too.Can be prepared anywhere.Here in Germany,vegetables too are limited and so after a while it can become difficult to just eat the same thing.But I looked beyond and have started to use locally available veg food in the form of frozen, canned and of course fresh and put something on the table, which my family enjoys.Some of my Indian friends here have started to ask me for recipes, which made me think of starting my 2nd blog.It keeps me occupied in this place and I have documentation of my recipes.( most times I end up adding something more and the same dish tastes different next time around)
A friend told me she had made a Shepherd's pie the last week end and she was raving about it, not to be left behind, I made this veg version and my son has asked me to make it again!So I share it here.

Brinjal chopped              1 no( about 500 gms)
red bell pepper chopped 1 no
tofu crumbled roughly      200 gms
onion chopped                2 nos
garlic chopped                1 1/2 tbsp
tomato paste or               3 tbsp
puree                               1 cup
Chopped tomatoes           1 no
soya sauce                        1 tbsp
chilli flakes                        1 tsp
mixed herbs                       1 tsp
salt                                   to taste
lime juice                          1 tsp
olive oil                             1 tbsp
For the topping
boiled potatoes                4-5 nos
curd                                 100 gms
cream                               3tbsp
milk(healthier option)       1/2 cup
mixed frozen herbs           1 tbsp
salt to taste
Butter                              1 tbsp
bread crumbs(optional)   to cover
Heat oil and saute garlic till golden.
Add in onions and saute till translucent.Add the brinjal and cook on low heat and let them cook till they are 1/2 done and are colored a bit.Add the bell peppers, tofu and cook a while.Add the tomatoes and paste and the rest of the ingredients and let them all come together a bit.Put this into a baking dish.
Mash the potatoes well and add the rest of the ingredients and mix well to form a pasty mixture.Pat it on the brinjal mixture and spread it well.Top with bread crumbs and bake it in a preheated oven at 200 deg for 10 mins and at 180 deg for further 10 mins, till it acquires a golden brown crust on the top and there is no water seeping in from the dish.Serve with herb bread or garlic bread.

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  1. Very Innovative recipe !! Keep them coming.