Sunday, November 21, 2010

Raw banana cutlets/kebabs

This is one my all time favorite these days when I get raw bananas from the Indian store.I like to get them and keep as they stay fresh for quite long in the fridge.They come out absolutely awesome-crisp, healthy and the best is they are not fried but baked(I picked up this trick from my teacher Mrs.Alaka Hudlikar) and so the whole family can actually eat them together.I avoid frying , I am famous for being conscious of my diet and feed healthy food consisting of loads of seasonal vegs, less oil, whole grains and portions too are enough and so no left overs!I serve this with carrot relish.An awesome combination!
Raw banana         2 nos
boiled potato        1 no
chopped onion      1 no
chopped green chilli   1/2 tsp
chopped ginger          1/2 tsp
curd                      2 tbsp
chilli powder          1 tsp
hing                       1/4 tsp
coriander powder   1tsp
salt to taste
lemon juice           1 tsp
semolina                1/2 bowl
oilve oil for brushing
Grate or mash peeled ,boiled banana and poatoes.Add the onions,chillis, ginger and other ingredients and mix well.Shape them into cutlets or round kebabs.Roll them into semolina well and arrange them on a greased baking dish.Brush them with olive oil and bake them at 250 deg in the middle rack of a preheated oven till they turn golden brown.Serve them with the tangy carrot relish or chutney of your choice.

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  1. ich bin aus Srilanka. Der recept Schmekt gut !!! habe nicht gewußt das roh banane kann so gut schmeken !! Haßt du noch recpte aus bananen?