Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chilli garlic chutney no. 2

This chutney is my favorite!! I love it as it is spicy,sour,garlicky and it tastes great with dosas, idlis,rice,curd rice and almost anything.I just hide it in my fridge.I have a good friend who is from south of India and she is one reason why I have suddenly activated my taste buds and they drool over that cuisine.My family is happy that I am again doing more of south Indian food.Try this lovely chutney.
Green chillies               250 gms
garlic                           200 gms
ginger                           25 gms
tamarind                       size of a lemon
olive oil                         1/2 cup
hing                              1/4 tsp
bengal gram                  1 Tbsp
curry leaves                   1/2 cup
mustard seeds                1 tbsp
salt to taste
Wash and dry chillies.Peel ginger and chop.In a mixer, crush green chillies,garlic,curry leaves,tamarind and ginger.They should not get pureed.Need to be crushed roughly.Heat oil, add hing,mustard and let them splutter.Add the bengal gram and let them color.Add the crushed chilli mixture and cook at high heat.Add salt to taste.Cook till there is no water and oil comes out.Store in a jar in the fridge.Keeps for months.

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