Sunday, November 14, 2010

My food journal

  I have loved the fact that good food is the best way to make any relation stronger.The saying..."way to a man's heart is through his stomach" applies to every individual you come across.Who can resist a steaming hot platter of goodies on a cold rainy day, its enough to put the worst mood out and a satisfactory smile back on the face.Or a chilled plate of dessert on a hot , sweaty afternoon, hmmm, sounds great.
  After blogging on hearing impairment for the last 3 years, my creative side which has been keen on cooking ,decided to get back into the field of cooking by blogging on it.I had loved to cook for as long as I can remember.I started at the tender age of 5 years, when I would stand on a stool to help mum.By the age of ten , was cooking dinner and by age 13 or so, I was my mum's right hand at her kitty parties or her food competitions. Did my Hotel management and got the polish I so required and since then , have not looked back.Whatever be the ingredients, place, I played around with the ingredients ,sold cakes from home and made healthy recipes after having issues with health back home with family .So , now I want to blog and put together all those recipes that I have done over the years and which friends keep asking me to share.Here is to some good food that is great on taste and greater on health.

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