Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bread pudding with coffee and nuts

Coffee nut summer pudding 
This I made on an instinct , of things I would like. Easy peasy and very cool on a summer afternoon. I could do with this instead of a lunch. 
6-8 slices full corn bread
500-600ml prepared vanilla custard
2 tsp coffee powder
Walnuts and almond slivers
Cut bread into small squares.
Dip in custard well and line in a serving glass dish. Pour a bit of custard extra.
Sprinkle coffee powder. Here and there a bit extra.
Line again the same way.
Pour the rest of the custard.
Top with coffee and lots of chopped walnuts and almond slivers.
Cover with a cling film.
Really chill this many hours, preferably overnight till coffee leaches into custard. 
Serve chilled scooped right till the bottom. Enjoy the crunch, munch and thanda thanda cool cool effect.

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