Saturday, March 5, 2011

Two Corn upma

        The other day I walked into the specialty foods department of the supermarket and came across ground maize used for polenta.I made it and tasted really good.have to still make it one more time and put it on the blog.This evening decided to use it for an Indian dish.Thought of making umpa.The texture is just like suji (semolina) and I thought it would great to try it out.I used it with a bit of suji to just give myself a bit of mental support that it would taste right, do not worry.And it did.The kids loved it.I thought of putting this recipe across.I used corn and beans but we can use many other vegetables to vary the taste.It is delicious!
Maize semolina                                 3/4 cup
semolina                                           1/4 cup (optional)
chopped onions                                1 no
chopped beans                                 3/4 cup
boiled corn                                       3/4 cup
Chana dal                                         1 tbsp
urad dal                                            1 tbsp
curry leaves                                      10-12 nos
oil                                                     1-2 tbsp
chilli powder                                     1/2 tsp
lime juice                                          1 tbsp
sugar                                                1 tsp
salt to taste
hing                                                  1/6 tsp
mustard seeds                                   1tsp
Heat oil and add mustard seeds and hing.Let them crackle.
Add dals and let them brown a bit.
Add the onions and curry leaves.Let them get translucent.
Add the vegetables and let them saute a while.
Now put the semolina and let it saute at low heat till golden.
Add chilli powder, salt and sugar.
Add 2 cups of water and let it cook.It will thicken up.Add 1 cup more water slowly and let the semolina cook further.Cook on slow heat now.
Add lime juice and mix.
Cover and keep on low fire for 3-4 mins.
Top with coriander leaves and butter and serve with pickle and corn chips.Enjoy!

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