Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tomato and carrot chutney with flax seeds

         This chutney found my way on a plate because I love flax seeds as they are good for health.I eat them daily but my kids had to start getting used to it.So this was a good way to start.I made a nice mixed flour dosa/pancakes with loads of texture.Kids loved here is this lovely recipe.
Chopped onions                          2 nos
Chopped tomatoes                      4 nos
Chopped carrot                           1 no
peeled garlic                                6-7 cloves
red chilli                                      1-2 no
flax seeds                                    1 tbsp
curry leaves                                 10-12nos
oil                                               1+1 tbsp
hing                                             1/5 tsp
urad dal                                       1 tsp
mustard seeds                              1/2 tsp
salt to taste
Heat 1 tbsp oil and add all the onions, garlic, red chilli ,flax seeds and curry leaves.
When they turn translucent, add tomatoes, salt and hing.Cook till water evaporates.
Cool and grind finely.
heat oil and add hing, mustard seeds and urad dal.When they crackle and urad dal colors, add the chutney and cook for 5 mins.Serve with dosas, idlis, dhoklas etc.

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