Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mint/Pudina chutney

      I am not too fond of mint , but there are days when certain foods make you want that hint of mint.Just a nice sweet and sour mint chutney makes your food very yummy, increases the appetite.Here is a recipe of a lovely mint chutney, right now I am hooked on to.I love to eat it with a misi roti, paratha or even a kachori.Try this out even as a dip with vegetable sticks,nachos, chips, cutlets and kebabs.
Mint leaves                           a packed cup
Roasted peanuts                   2 tbsp
green chilli                            2 nos
ginger chopped                    1 tbsp
garlic                                   4-5 cloves
chopped coriander              1/2 cup
hing                                     1/5 tsp
cumin seeds                         1/2 tsp
black rock salt                     1/2 tsp
sugar/optional                      1/2 tsp
Thick tamarind(pulp)           2 tbsp
salt to taste                                                
Put all the ingredients in a blender and churn well till smooth and even.Chill in a bottle.Serve with food of your choice.

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