Monday, March 14, 2011

Roasted bringal/eggplant relish

    Bringal is one of my favorite vegetable.There are so many things one can cook with it.The various kinds in the market make this vegetable very good for playing around with it in various cuisine.This time I had this nice round clean bringal which I decided to roast.But when I scooped it out after roasting , there was just 1 bowl of flesh.Thought should make it into a relish or a raita.This can be eaten as a raita with the Indian food or as a dip with chips or nachos.We just loved it .I will now try and make more variations to this now.
Roasted and scooped bringal                1 small cup
Fresh curd                                            1 cup
chopped onion                                      1/2 no
chopped tomatoes                                1 no
chopped chilli                                       1 no
chopped garlic                                     1 tbsp
chopped coriander/mint                       1 tbsp
cumin seeds                                         1/4 tsp
Olive oil                                               1 tbsp
chilli flakes                                           1/2 tsp
salt to taste            
Heat oil and add cumin.Let them splutter.
Add chopped garlic and chilli and let them color.
Now put chopped onions and let them cook till they are translucent.
Now out the salt and chilli flakes.Mix well.
Mix in the mashed bringal flesh .Remove from the stove.
Add beaten curd.Now put chopped tomatoes and coriander/mint and mix.
Chill and serve as an accompaniment.

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