Sunday, December 26, 2010

Grilled vegetable sandwich

     This morning we wanted a break from a very big lunch.We have been stuck at home with Prisha being down with fever, snow outside and 3 days of holidays for Christmas.So decided to make some grilled sandwiches with variety of breads in the house.We all loved the change.I sauteed the vegetables for the filling.Sharing this recipe.
Multigrain breads/buns         2-3 nos
Broccoli                               1 no
Bell peppers                          1/2 no
Onions                                 1 no
garlic chopped                      1 tbsp
olives                                    6-8 nos
Chilli salsa                              2 tsp
lemon juice                            1 tbsp
butter  for spreading
cheese slices as per choice
salt to taste
mixed Italian herbs               1 tsp
olive oil                                1 tbsp
To prepare the vegetables, slice broccoli and bell peppers and onions.Heat oil and add the chopped garlic, saute.Add sliced onions and then add broccoli and bell peppers and saute.Add salt, herbs and saute on high heat so as not to overcook vegetables.Add lime juice.
Butter the insides of the breads or buns.I choose multi very grainy breads and buns.Gives the sandwich more texture and taste.Spread the chilli salsa.Top this with loads of vegetables,olives,cheese slice and another slice of buttered bread.Put it in the grill and grill both sides till golden.Once done remove and brush with butter and serve them crisp with mustard sauce.Delicious is the word here!

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