Friday, December 31, 2010

Dal maharani and beetroot salad

    Dal maharani is just like its name....grand!!Tastes really good and very nutritious.I love it with tandoori roti or missi roti.I make it in plenty as I know my family would have bowl fulls and If there is any left over, it is polished off in no time, as it tastes even better the next day.It can be heavy on the stomach and so loads of ginger and garlic do the trick and also try and avoid for dinner if you tend to have issues with heavy foods.
Black urad whole         1/2 cup
rajma beans                  1/4 cup
chana dal                      1/4 cup
tomato puree                 1 cup
chopped onions             1 no
chopped ginger              1 tbsp
chopped garlic               1 1/2 tbsp
cream                             50 ml
chilli powder                   1 tsp
haldi                              1/2 tsp
coriander powder          2 tsp
cummin seeds                 1 tsp
hing                               1/4 tsp
whole garam masala-2 cloves,5 peppercorns,1 bayleaf, 2" pc cinnomon
salt to taste
oil                              1tbsp
ghee                           1 tbsp
Soak rajma overnight.Next morning boil it for 15 mins.Now add washed dals in it.Add half of chopped ginger and garlic to it.Add the water,salt and haldi and keep it to boil.It would take about 15 mins of boiling in pressure cooker.Let it cool down.
In a pan add oil.Add hing and whole garam masala.When they start to change color and add cumin seeds.When they crackle, add chopped ginger and half of the garlic and saute to golden.Add the chopped onions and saute till golden.Add the tomamto puree and chilli and coriander powder.Saute well till dry.Add the boiled dal and boil.Add cream and cook till well done.The dal should be cooked well and should not be overcooked.When pressed, should crush easily.Garnish with chopped coriander and cream.Heat ghee in a pan and add chopped garlic.Saute till deep brown.Add chilli powder and let it change color.Put on top of dal and serve.Enjoy with missi roti,chilli pickle ,onion salad and a glass of chilled chaas.

PS- you can also add kasuri methi while sauteing onions to give a different flavor

Beetroot salad
  I just love this chilled nutritious salad.I have made it many times and each time people have wondered how a salad of beetroot can taste so divine.I love it specially on hot summer afternoon, it re-hydrates me instantly.
Boiled beetroots          2 nos
finely sliced onions       1 no
chopped cashew nuts   8 nos
raisins                          12-15 nos
olive oil                         1 tbsp
vinegar                          1 tsp
salt to taste
pepper powder            1/4 tsp
sugar                            1/2 tsp
Grate beet root and add all the other ingredients well.Toss well and keep to chill.Serve this very tasty salad with any Indian or continental dish and enjoy the compliments.

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