Saturday, May 14, 2011

Snacky french fry

There is hardly anyone who does not like french fries.I love to give my family the ones we bake, less fat and less guilt.But by themselves, it can get pretty boring.I tried this like a salad/snack with my dinner and we all loves it.Its good to have it even as an evening snack to kids or lunch box recipe.Must try.
French fries                   250gms
Sliced tomatoes             2 nos
Sliced onions                 1 no
Skiced bell peppers       1/2 no
Sliced red raddish          2-3 nos
Halved green olives        8-10 nos
Lemon juice                   2 tsp
chilli flakes                     1/4 tsp
Tobasco sauce               a few dashes
salt to taste
Chopped parsley/chives/basil for flavor
Bake the fries with a bit of salt till they are crisp (about 180deg temperature).
In a bowl,mix all the ingredients and toss well.
Top with a sprig of green and serve at once.

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