Monday, May 9, 2011

5 peppers spicy pickle

This time when I peeped into my fridge I had lovely red chillies, green chillies 2 different kinds and thought this time I would try and put all the different chillies I have in the house and make a nice spice mix that I can use as a chutney, relish or as an addition in another dish.I tried this new one and it was fantastic.I mixed it with some cooked rice and melted butter, spicy red rice is ready too.Enjoy with a nice salad.
Big red cillies                               5 nos
Big green chillies                          3 nos
Sharp thin green chillies                5 nos
Dry red chillies                             5 nos
Pickled green peppercorns           1 tbsp
garlic pods                                   3 nos
tomato paste                                3 tbsp
salt                                              3/5 tsp
yellow mustard seeds                   2 tbsp
Vinegar                                       2 tbsp
Olive oil                                      150 ml
Clean all the fresh chillies.
Soak red chillies in vinegar for 30 mins.
In a blender put the chillies,garlic,yellow mustard seeds and vinegar chillies and grind to a coarse paste.
Heat oil and add this mixture and cook on high heat to evaporate the water in it.
Add the salt and tomato paste and keep cooking.Now add the pickled peppercorns.
Cook till all the water is gone and the oil seems to come out.
Cool and store in jars.
Enjoy with anything that needs spicing up.

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