Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pumpkin and almond soup

     Soups are one really so heartwarming on a cold winter night. I was not always a soup loving person as I find it very filling ....killing one's appetite. But yes on a cold night a warm soup with soup sticks or toasts or garlic breads are good enough to fill a hungry soul. I made this soup and we all fell in love with soups. Prisha, my daughter is always ready to have it.This soup is so soft, smooth and creamy and very simple but very high on taste and nutrition.
Chopped pumpkin                            2 cups
Chopped onion                                 1 no
Garlic peeled                                     4-6 pods
Bay leaf                                             1 no
Almonds                                           6-8 nos
Pepper corns                                     6-8 nos
Cream/ milk                                      50 ml
Salt to taste
In a pan add pumpkin,onion,garlic,bay leaf, pepper corn,almonds and salt and about 2 cups of water and pressure cook or cover and cook till it is soft and mashy.
Take out the bay leaf and churn till smooth.
Add the cream or milk and adjust consistency.
You can add herbs of your choice.
Serve hot with bread sticks or garlic toasts.

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