Sunday, August 28, 2011

Healthy full corn Pizza

     Pizza is one of the most loved invention by everybody.Made well,full of flavor, it has the goodness of  everything in one dish. 2 years ago when my husband lived in Austria while we lived in India, we visited him during vacations. We used to travel across the country and we ate so much of pizzas that my kids had enough and wouldn't want another. I then decided I would try and make it more healthy and with more body that suits our tastes. I made it with full corn ready mix for breads with sunflower seeds and various full corns and now my family is hooked to them. In case you do not have it available,you can make your own dough with full corn flour add a few roasted grains it it along with a few sunflower seeds.Add a bit more yeast to it.  I even have friends literally wanting a slice of the delicious and healthy pizza.Sharing the recipe for the healthy eaters.
Makes : 2 pizzas
Ready full-corn bread mix                600gms
olive oil                                            4-5 tbsp
Pasta sauce                                       250ml
broccoli                                           200gms
sliced bell peppers                            1 no
Mushrooms sliced                           4-5 nos
sliced onions                                   1 no
Olives                                             1/2 bowl
Jalapenos                                        4-5 nos
Gherkins                                         2-3 nos
Sliced zucchini                                1 no
basil                                                few
mixed Italian herbs                         1 tsp
grated pizza cheese                         200gms
Salt to taste

Rolled out perfectly

Spread the sauce

Piled up with vegetables
In a mixing bowl,add the flour and luke warm water and a bit of olive oil.Mix well and keep aside in a warm place for 1-2 hours till it becomes double in size.Punch down and let it rise again.
With the help of flour, divide the dough into 2 parts.Roll and spread on a pizza tray.
Drizzle a bit of olive oil and spread tomato sauce on it.
Sprinkle pizza cheese and arrange all the toppings of your choice on it.
Sprinkle a bit of salt and Italian herbs and basil too.
Bake in a pre heated oven at 250 deg C till golden brown.
Serve hot cut into wedges.

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