Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spicy Red chilli and tomato sauce/chutney

      My husband does not leave any opportunity to pick up chillies from any store he sees.We had about 4 different varieties of chillies in my fridge and was today forced to finally make 2 different chutnies.I was very pleased with this one in particular.The colour is fantastic, red and spicy hot!!I look forward to eating it with all my meals this week!!
Thick red chillies                 3 nos
peeled garlic                       1 full pod
tomato paste                       50 gms
olive oil                              2 tbsp
lime juice                            2 tbsp
salt to taste
Wash and chop the chillies roughly.Roughly crush the chillies with the garlic in a blender.Heat oil and pu the crushed chilli mixture.Add salt and cook on high heat till water gets dried.Add the thick tomato paste , salt and lime juice.Cook till it thickens.Cool and store in dry jar.Serve with pancakes,sandwiches,dosas and snacks.

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