Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Whole wheat and white pao

White flour and whole wheat flour pao
I had been planning these a long time. At my college we used to make those white buns and immediately polished them off with butter. Nothing like hot buns with melting butter and this is what we did today as I baked these perfect paos! My home was filled with warm smells lifting my spirits and the low temperature and dull skies were soon forgotten . Soft, spongy, smooth and just soul satisfying .... Sharing the recipe of the perfect paos. They aren't stretchy like the ones at store. Enjoy it

Makes 28 white paos
4 cups white flour
2 cups warm whole milk
20 gms fresh yeast
3-4 / 40 gms tbsp butter
2 tsp salt

Whole wheat pao ( makes 16 pao)
3 cups atta
1.5 cups milk
7.5 gms fresh yeast
3 tbsp butter
1.5 tsp salt

I used the food processor that made my work lighter but you could knead it with hand.
In a bowl add the flour and salt.
Warm milk just enough so that it's warm to touch and NOT HOT.
Mix the fresh yeast in it and pour into the flour.
Turn the processor on and keep kneading. It looks too wet and impossible to come together but let the gluten break. Keep working on it.
Add the butter and keep working on the dough. 
In about 15 mins you will see it's coming together. 
Use oil on ur hands if you need to as it comes together like a baby's bum ... That's how we were told at college ☺️
Keep this for about an hour or so or till its double in size.

Use oil in your hands and roll into a cylinder.
Cut into equal sizes and roll into smooth balls.

In a buttered tray put these balls leaving about an inch of space between for them to rise.
Keep covered for another hour or so or till it rises to a double. 

Preheat oven to 200 degC. 
Brush the dough balls with milk and put into the oven.
Bake for about 12-15 mins till they are golden brown.
Remove and brush with melted butter.
Remove from tray to avoid sweating!
Enjoyyyy these hot out of the oven with chilled slice of butter melting Inbetween... Is heaven close?? Sure is.


  1. can u gv the measurement of yeast in spoon

  2. About 1 tbsp fresh yeast. Hope this helps.

  3. What will b d proportion of dry yeast pls...

  4. Thanks for the recp. The wheat ones turned out soft and yum. I kept remembering the texture baby bum.hahhaha. Also wanted to know that sugar is not mentioned to froth the yeast, but all the same I put a teaspoon, unless in fresh yeast it's not required.